I am good at bringing clarity, building teams, software and hardware.

Page last updated: October, 2017

Here is how I can help you:

  • Blockchain and Decentralized economies: Build the tech and protocol

    I worked with polyswarm.io(raised 26 Million dollars) and 0chain.net(raised 39 Million dollars). I conducted a EOS workshop in San Francisco as a part of tulipconf.com. I was a panelist in tulipconf.com in SF in the dev panel. I have been working with distributed systems for two years prior to my foray into Blockchain. I am now working with zaggprotocol.in to build the protocol and developer team.

  • Speaking:

    I have spoken at several places including tulipconf.com(San Francisco), F8 Bash(Hyderabad), IIT Madras, colleges in warangal, Hellomeets. I moderated several panels before. I speak about building teams, building useful technology, blockchain and being driven. If you need someone to speak on those topics reach out to me

  • Bringing clarity:

    There are three things that impact clarity:

    1. Quality of your attention
    2. Insight into the internals of your thought process
    3. Domain expertise

    If you are in roles where your decisions have significant impact, clarity becomes very valuable. There is not much I can help with the domain expertise unless it is in my area of expertise. Improving your attention quality is a long term game which you may want to do on your own. The place where I can help you significantly and immediately is by pointing out details on how decisions are being made by you with a given a piece of information.

  • Building Teams:

    I built a 6 member team, 150 member team and highly sophisticated 9 member team. I also had the opportunity to watch over 40 teams in close quarters. I have helped several start-up CEOs with their teams. Here is a small intro on how to manage your teams effectively: https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-ways-you-keep-your-team-focused/answer/Ravikanth-Andhavarapu?srid=ipLf

    This above article does not talk about how to build teams. I will write about that at a different point of time. Exposure to so many different set of individuals and teams and exploring my own internal mechanisms(spent 5000 hours doing different forms of yoga and meditation) gives me an uncommon edge.

  • Building Software:

    Fundamentally anything that you build has to solve a problem or create a new possibility. The biggest advantage you get from me is the number of layers of abstraction I can handle. Here are the layers of abstraction I can handle:

    1. I understand the actual value it is adding to the business. This is always on top of my mind
    2. I can architect a system(both the application and infrastructure)
    3. I can set up processes required to make a team work together
    4. I can code and relatively easily move into unknown technologies.

    Problems that are hard to handle at one layer of abstraction are easily solved in another layer of abstraction.
    As of today I have experience in the following popular technologies rails, nodejs, react, react-native, NOSql and SQL DBs, micro services, AWS infrastructure, Kafka(message queue and event source). As I mentioned before I can move into new technologies easily.
  • Building Hardware:

    The advantage of building a hardware product is that the threshold for competitors to enter is higher compared to a software product. The disadvantage is that there are multiple points of failure and there is a significant amount of variability brought in due to lack of availability and time lag of logistics. I can help you with technical viability of a product and the road map you have in building it.

    I have built unmanned aerial vehicles(drones and airplanes), autonomous robots and have been part of some highly advanced technological projects. For a sample of it you can take a look at this video: https://youtu.be/3o2sgBbkvpY?t=54s

  • My USP:

    The rarest skill you can find in me is that I can maintain drive and clarity at same time which is an either-or situation for almost anyone I meet. Here is an interesting narration of drive and clarity by Satya Nadella of Microsoft: https://youtu.be/kexuG-YcQFA?t=1m17s
  • Claim to Fame:

    I built the team which built Centre For Innovation at IIT Madras http://cfi.iitm.ac.in/main/. I was also the first student head of CFI. The work of CFI team resulted in many deep-tech startups such as Ather Energy, DocsApp, Neomotion, Planys, and HyperVerge coming out of IITM. The last I checked they have raised a total of 80 Million USD in the last 6 years.


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