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Page last updated: March, 2014

About me

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    My name is Ravikanth Andhavarapu. I am an alumnus of IIT Madras. I bring a combination of three skills which you won't find anywhere else. You may be able to find the skills individually but you wont be able to find the combination anywhere else.
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    I am a full stack developer with expertise in Rails, ruby, JQuery, Javascript, CSS and HTML. I am familiar with Coffeescript, Bootstrap, Jekyll and Git. I know about agile and lean methodologies.
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    I have project management experience in handling various multi-disciplinary projects. The teams I led varied from 5 members to over 100 members.
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    I can drive myself to the fullest without getting "burnt out". Because of the 3000 hours of effort I put in the past 4 years I can be both highly driven and balanced at the same time.


Relative Skill Level

Ruby on Rails
Project management


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Rails based Cab-sharing application which lets you share a ride with someone travelling along the same route.

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Rhythm Tapper

Visually displays how accurately you are tapping to a given song on your keyboard.

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Twitter Clone

Created a twitter clone using a tutorial

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Flames Game

A simple application which takes two names and returns a purported relation between those two names.

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Rails based Cab-sharing application which lets you share a ride with someone travelling along the same route.

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Centre For Innovation

Centre For Innovation is the largest laboratory(0.5M USD) in India which is entirely conceived and managed by students.

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Autonomous Indoor Aerial Vehicle

An aerial vehicle which can travel indoors autonomously without hitting any objects on the way.

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Multi Project Management

I was the manager cum mentor for a total of 9 projects over a period of 6 months.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

I founded the team which made the first unammaned aerial vehicle in IIT Madras. It is a fixed wing airplane with 9 feet wingspan.

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Startup Experience

I co-founded an ecommerce initiative along with a friend. We were covered by ET Now for the uniqueness of our idea

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Contact me

Email: ravi@helloravi.com

Phone: 91-7386316739