Key to execution

The only thing which has worked for me in ensuring execution is brutality. Be absolutely brutal about the things you want to execute well. Keep this list small. Don’t fill the day with lists of things you want to do and try to be brutal about it. I have two things I am brutal about and probably going to add one more but I am still unsure of it.

How to be brutal

Tie each of your important activities to any of the compulsions you have.

Hunger is a compulsion that I have and you might too. For instance, don’t eat your lunch until you are done with having a 3 hour focussed time for yourself at work. Having focussed time to work can be a rarity in many offices. This also helps manage the social distractions. Tell people that they are denying you lunch by interrupting you.

Using my phone is a compulsion for me I have a a rule to not touch my phone or use it until I am done with my yoga in the morning. Only when I follow this rule strictly I end up doing everything in the morning. If I slack off a little then it is gone.

Making execution easy

If you want to be ensure a certain activity, one of the thing that works is to do it for 45 days. Then you dont have to do it. You just have to prevent yourself from not doing it. That is huge advantage in itself. Seinfeld popularized a similar strategy if you are interested.

I don’t know of any other way of ensuring execution. Let me know if you do.