My problem with the phone

I dont like my phone calling my attention for anything that is not immediate. I like to hear only my calls and nothing else. For some reason Xiaomi in its recent update removed the ability to make this possible for me.

I looked up for methods to do the same after the update. The only reliable app which can do this needs the phone to be rooted. I did try rooting my phone and I did not have a pleasant experience.

My solution

I asked a friend of mine(Rahul from Samosa) to send a 1 second muted clip and changed messsaging and notification tone to that. I hear nothing whenever there is a notification or when there is a message (WhatsApp or otherwise)

Here is a link to the one second muted mp3 file

**next steps: Lots of problem seem to have this problem I should send them this link and probably build my first android app using this idea”