Mute all notifications - android app

I dont like my phone calling my attention for anything that is not immediate. I like to hear only my calls and nothing else. For some reason Xiaomi in its recent update removed the ability to make this possible for me.

I looked up for methods to do the same after the update. The only reliable app which can do this needs the phone to be rooted. I did try rooting my phone and I did not have a pleasant experience.

Build an app (probably a single page app?) which uses the music clip to mute all notifications rather than.

The user installs the app User decides to mute all that is necessary (scheduling?) User saves

Learn language through gossip and TV shows

There is a huge segment of smart people in India who have a language problem. Once internet becomes ubiquitous this problem will become a huge opportunity.

Set up a community puzzle solving app.

Solving puzzles is fun but solving puzzles is even more fun.

Book summaries

Pay portion of the proceeds to the writer.

Turn addiction/compulsion into productivity using a firefox/chrome

Turn all time leaks into slightly productive activites. Instead of facebook go to a programming blog

Do the same with a mobile app.