Criteria for Choosing a Tech Lead

  1. Should know design patterns, anti patterns. If they have used UML diagrams in a project that would be a plus. 
  2. Should know test driven development and behaviour driven development 
  3. Very good code quality(no code smells)
  4. Knows enough about software design to build a flexible application.(should have built an application being conscious of costs associated with design)
  5. Should have mobile full stack experience and some Android experience, and  spent some time building apps on Nodejs
  6. Should be a good listener
  7. Mentees should speak well of him
  8. Communication should be clear

Criteria for Choosing a Junior Developer

  1. Should be able to build a full stack app on their own in any of the full stack frameworks. Skill in node is highly preferable
  2. Should be able to break larger problems into smaller problems
  3. Should be able to learn quickly with little help on their own
  4. Good listener
  5. Bonus points for people who can ask thought provoking questions in a discussion
  6. 2-3 hour session time