The worst question to ask a non-technical person

What do you want?

When you ask this question they never communicate the problem they want to solve. They usually come up with a solution based on their experience of usage of different websites for the problem they have in mind. They communicate the solution which they came up with instead of communicating the problem they are facing. What is the limitation of doing this?

The person coming up with this solution does not know all the different options available if she is not a technical person. That is not the only problem. Somethings are extremely easy for machines and some seemingly very simple things are very hard for machines. If the actual problem can be solved by avoiding the hard parts you will have a solution which is fast and easy to build.

If you are a non-technical person communicate both the problem and the solution you have in mind. Communicating both of them is important. This provides enough detail into the problem for the tech person to address the problem.