Pro-activeness is absolutely necessary. If you don’t have it, we don’t want you to be part of the team, You may be a nice person but we don’t want to work with you.

How does it translate on a day to day basis?

Wrong thinking -Nobody told me what to do so I am waiting and doing nothing.
Right thinking - How do I find out what I should do? Should I ask Venky or Ravikanth?

Wrong thinking - I already asked Ravikanth, he did not tell me anything
Right thinking - how do I make sure Ravikanth tells me what to do? Should I call him again?

Wrong thinking - I have fever, I will wait for Venky and Ravikanth to call and find out.
Right thinking - I will leave a message to them so that they are not concerned about it.

Wrong thinking - Ravikanth did not ask me. I did not tell.
Right thinking - Over-communicate. Don’t make us guess.