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Winance is a KYC-powered Blockchain-enabled financing system of the world.

Winance is about addressing the finance of the human beings in the world. WIN is the name of the coin.


Access to capital is a very crucial tool to eliminate poverty and increase productivity. How can we ensure that every human can get at least 10USD worth of loan? If we can get them a small loan they will be able to get a bigger loan as they build trust on the system. The initial number is not important.


Here is an example of how a loan transaction might happen:

Tanvi(in India) is looking for loan to buy a bike from Royal Enfield. The bike costs 1,00,000INR. Keithr equests KYC data on the chain which Tanvi provides and chooses to fund depending on the data.Keith from Europe wants to fund the loan. Keith buys WIN token worth 1 Lakh INR and transfers it to Tanvi on condition that it is used for buying a bike. Tanvi can use that money only for bike purchase by transferring that WIN token to Bike owner. Bike owner converts it into INR through an exchange. Tanvi keeps paying back to Keith in installments through WIN token which he can use it to loan to someone else.


Current crypto currencies have an inclusiveness problem. WIN coin is an inclusive decentralized system where every human being starts with some coin as soon as he/she does their KYC(after ensuring that there is a reasonable probability that it is not duplicate) is needed. This way every human being is interested in both doing their KYC and particpating in the economy.

Loans disbursed in this system are a lot more safer than ordinary loans. Why is that? Loan disburser can be sure that the money is being used for the right purpose by tracking where the loan amount is going.

There is an entire futures and options market place that needs to run to peg the WIN coin to a certain amount for each individual contract.

Coins get created when somebody does KYC. We ensure some inflation exists which incentivizes players who attract other people to come and do their KYC and generate their own KYC. We will need to involve people who verify other people’s kyc and contribute to the authenticity of KYC.

What are the benefits this offers?

  1. It is inclusive. Everybody will want to be part of the financial system because their KYC brings some cash and makes loans accessible to them. Cheaper capital can fund more expensive capital.
  2. It creates an ecosystem for finance guys to make money by being part of the loan disbursing system (through offering options and contracts to those who want to give loans)
  3. The coins accrue value whenever a company accesses the data of these people.
  4. The data accumulated will hold a huge amount of long term value.